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Restaurants and food retailers across Canada trust us as their partners.

Tried, Tasted and True.

Kitchen Partners offers knowledge, experience and passion to be your trusted business partner.

About Us

Kitchen Partners is a division of Freshstone Brands Inc. that solely focuses on food service; bringing restaurants, hospitality, health care and distribution providers delicious, trusted food. Kitchen Partners is always evolving its flavours and recipes while maintaining consistency to keep your customers loving their favourite restaurant meals, while also trying something new and exciting.

person putting salsa into a hard taco

Why Choose Us

Kitchen Partners has the knowledge and experience to deliver delicious, customizable food options for you to serve to your customers.

Bulk Items

Products available in large format packaging.

Various Categories

Fresh and frozen items to meet your needs and timelines.

Your Trusted Partner

We work hard to build trust and communication. Need a custom item? We will work hard to make sure you get what you need.

What is Kitchen Partners Capable of?

Find meal solutions that fit your business needs.