Dennis Chadson, Food Specialist

Tried, Tasted & True

I'm here to make sure every vegetable is fresh—and you can
taste the difference.

— Lina Mani,
Team Member, Veggie Processing

We believe every
ingredient counts.
Every time.

  • Soups & Sauces

    The best chefs are expert sauciers and soup-makers. We pride ourselves on the unique and flavourful sauces and soups we’ve created for our customers. Perhaps that’s why they’re our most popular items. We always start with fresh-cut ingredients to deliver homestyle taste, whether it’s chicken noodle soup, alfredo sauce, chili, pizza sauce, stew—or anything in between.

  • Dips & Dressings

    Fresh and delicious dips and dressings take the dishes they’re paired with to the next level. That’s why we partner with you to find the perfect combination of simple ingredients, creating everything from salsas and pestos to oil-and-vinegar and dairy based dressings. It’s a sure-fire way to turn your appetizer or salad into a highlight item on your menu.

  • Entrées & Sides

    Entrées and side dishes are at the heart of every memorable meal. From mac & cheese to butter chicken; from pot pie filling to enchiladas, we start fresh and package hot to craft dishes that look and taste like they were made in your kitchen. Let us be the kitchen behind your kitchen.

  • Your Vision. Made To Order.

    Our job is to ensure that your customers are always coming back for more. Over the last few years, we’ve successfully launched over 100 new food products that have helped our partners grow. If you need a custom menu item, an idea for a new dish, or just want to collaborate to improve a product, we’re always up for a creative challenge.