Dennis Chadson, Food Specialist

Tried, Tasted & True

Your food should look and taste like it was made in house. It’s as simple as that.

— Marcin Barczak,
Product Development Manager

We believe fresh
comes from philosophy.
Not preservatives.

  • Fresh food tastes better.

    When customers order your food, they expect it to taste like it came from your kitchen, not from a can. That’s why everything we do at Kitchen Partners focuses on fresh.

    When our vegetables arrive direct, we inspect them and process them personally. Nothing gets by our team, who pride themselves on making sure your ingredients stay fresh.

    When it comes to the custom recipes and products we develop in partnership with you, we’re all about the real deal—each and every ingredient is carefully chosen for a reason. By rapidly cooling and shipping your menu items just in time, they arrive at your business bursting with flavour. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  • Brands are built on consistent quality.

    Whether you have one or 1,000 restaurants, your customers expect the same quality taste and presentation, every single time. That level of consistency is how signature dishes are established. On the other hand, inconsistency is how loyal customers are lost.

    Kitchen Partners has the processes in place to deliver dependable quality from coast to coast, all year round. You can see it and taste it in our food — but we tested it just to be sure. Whether it’s the thickness of your sauces or the carrots in your soup, we’re always testing to make sure we’re delivering the highest quality and most consistent products.

  • Flavour is a science.

    Finding your perfect flavour takes food expertise, experience and passion. Our culinary experts believe that collaborating together means creating the best, most mouth-watering dishes for your customers.

    Our team of product development experts are hard at work every day developing your recipes. And while other companies create new preservatives to make food last longer, our team eliminates preservatives to make food taste better. It’s a subtle shift of philosophy, but when it comes to satisfying your customers with the best possible product, it makes all the difference.

    At Kitchen Partners, we don’t just tweak recipes. We collaborate with you to create custom dishes that look and taste like they were made in-house. Every new dish and flavour combination we create is utterly unique to your brand. And everything that happens in our kitchen is done with your customers’ taste buds in mind.