Dennis Chadson, Food Specialist

Tried, Tasted & True

Your food should look and taste like it was made in house. It’s as simple as that.

— Marcin Barczak,
Product Development Manager

We believe you
deserve a partner.
Not a supplier.

  • We uphold your reputation in every dish.

    Kitchen Partners has the knowledge, experience, and passion to be the perfectly prepared food partner for your business. We believe it’s up to us to make your customers love your food even more. When it comes down to it, it’s our job to make you successful. Our reputation depends on your reputation—we’re both only as good as the last dish served.

    We’ve collaborated with our partners to launch over 100 custom food products. They’ve been enjoyed by millions of Canadians in some of the country’s biggest restaurants and food retailers. Our focus on fresh ingredients has made our products a hit with executive chefs and their patrons.

  • Quality and safety are just part of the process.

    Constant improvement is the foundation of Kitchen Partners’ culture. We start with industry best practices, then never stop pushing to make them better.

    A wide variety of food is prepared every day in our state-of-the-art facility. Our products are cooked, rapidly chilled, packaged and shipped to restaurants and retail outlets from coast to coast. Even with such a complex operation, every single ingredient is traceable from field to plate.

    Our strong systems and proven processes have led to an outstanding safety record. Daily CFIA inspections and independent, third-party audits have proven time and time again that the recipes we prepare for your kitchens can always be trusted.

  • Our value is measured in deliciousness per dollar.

    In the business of food, costs matter. So does taste. Most suppliers will have you believe you have to choose one or the other. But we beg to differ. Kitchen Partners delivers fresh, delicious food at competitive costs — real value that you won’t find anywhere else.

    We treat our vendors as partners too. Regular business reviews ensure our relationships stay mutually beneficial, while also making sure the products and quality vendors deliver is always up to our high standards.

    Because we understand cost matters, we will work closely with you to ensure the very best product is available at your budget. This also means exploring new techniques and processes to create the very best dishes for your customers, while ensuring that the value we provide is always at the leading edge of our industry.

  • Meet Jeff.

    Jeff Clark was appointed President of Kitchen Partners in January 2005 to lead the growth of the company. Prior to joining Kitchen Partners, Jeff held executive positions at Labatt Breweries in Canada, USA and South America. In addition to Labatt, he held a number of senior management positions with Maple Leaf Foods, The Irving Group of Companies and Acklands Grainger.

    Since joining Kitchen Partners, the company has transformed and grown rapidly. Kitchen Partners’ success comes from three key areas of focus – people, products and partnerships. Jeff is passionate about people and the workplace culture. He strongly believes that a great team with skills, knowledge and enthusiasm can accomplish amazing things together. Kitchen Partners has become a place where employees are highly engaged and are passionate about the products they produce for customers.

    Jeff has lived in Edmonton since 1999. He is married to Louise and is the proud father of three sons. He enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid hobby photographer.

    You can reach Jeff via email or call him at 780-702-0492

    Meet Mike.

    Mike Calverley joined Kitchen Partners in the fall of 2005 as vice president of sales and marketing. Mike is a 20-year Sales and Marketing veteran having worked in various parts of Canada throughout his career. During his time at Labatt Breweries of Canada, he held progressively senior roles in national brand management and executive sales and marketing roles.

    Since his appointment to Kitchen Partners, the company has grown dramatically. He has led the customer-focused sales and product development efforts resulting in the creation of 100’s of new custom products for Kitchen Partner customers. He is truly passionate about the customer, understanding their challenges and finding solutions that work.

    Mike is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa with a double major in law and psychology. It is there that he met his wife Kathy. They now reside in Edmonton with their two boys Evan and Ben. Mike is an avid sports fan and enjoys the outdoors.

    You can reach Mike via email or call him at at 780-702-0487.

    Meet Chris.

    Chris Lehto began at Kitchen Partners in December of 2020 and is responsible for Key Accounts in Western Canada. Chris has been working passionately in food service for 30 years; at the beginning of his career cooking professionally in the UK and Western Canada. From there Chris moved into increasingly senior leadership-based roles in food distribution and sales, most recently leading a National sales team for a Canadian food broker.

    Chris’s infatuation for everything culinary and his strong desire to bring the best service experience he can deliver to every customer are what defines his approach. He has a no-nonsense perspective and firmly believes that each and every customer and project deserves focus, strategy, innovative ideas and thoughtful collaboration. Chris’s “front-to-back” career path, his culinary background, his love of gastronomical insights and his eagerness to help clients find ways to strengthen their business will provide meaningful value to the customers he serves, and of course the guests you welcome!

    On most evenings and weekends at his home in Edmonton, you’ll find Chris in the kitchen, persuading an old favourite recipe or a new gastronomic challenge onto the stove or into the smoker. You may also find him having a laugh with family and friends, playing with the dogs, skiing, gardening, playing guitar or out for a ride on the motorcycle.

    You can reach Chris via email or call him at at 780-777-1655.

    Meet Marcin.

    MMarcin Barczak joined Kitchen Partners in the fall of 2012. As the Vice President of Product Development and Culinary Innovation, Marcin has more than 20 years of experience working in the food industry in Canada and Europe. He has mainly worked with stirred food products including soups, sauces, dressings and all types of liquid and semi-liquid fillings.

    Marcin is truly passionate about food from both the culinary perspective and the food science side. He enjoys working with customers to fulfil their expectations by creating outstanding products that will satisfy their guests and their customers.

    Marcin is a graduate of the University of Agriculture in Poland with an MSC in Food Science and Technology. He has held the designation of Certified Food Scientist since 2015 under the International Food Science Certification Commission. Additionally, he is a Certified Culinary Scientist from the Research Chef Association. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration.

    Marcin has two children – Julia and Wiktor – and along with his wife Anna, loves living in Edmonton where he can enjoy close access to outstanding mountains and Alberta’s great outdoors.

    You can reach Marcin via email or call him at 780-702-0348.

    Meet Michelle.

    Michelle Duffy was welcomed at Kitchen Partners in July 2006 in the role of Customer Service Manager. She has since been promoted to Director Commercial Team Operations responsible for the integration of product development, forecasting, and production scheduling as well as leading multi-functional process projects. Michelle has spent her entire career taking care of customers and ensuring their utmost satisfaction. From wood windows and doors to custom food preparation, regardless of the business, her focus has always been on establishing strong customer relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

    Michelle has embraced Kitchen Partners’ values as her own and uses them every day to guide decisions and customer solutions. She truly believes that putting the customer at the heart of everything is the way to mutual success. Michelle strives to represent the voice of the customer in action and in word.

    Michelle graduated with an Honours Business designation from the Canadian Institute of Management through the University of Western Ontario. She has lived in Edmonton since 2005 but tries to get back to the shores of Lake Huron as often as possible. She never shies away from a good, hard workout and strives to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

    You can reach reach Michelle via email or call her at 780-702-0484.

    Meet Debra.

    Debra joined Kitchen Partners in the spring of 2018 as our ‘Retail Food Service Leader’. She brings over 20 years of experience in the ‘Retail Food Service Industry’ and prior to that came from a background and formal education in the Hotel & Restaurant Industry. Holding progressively senior leadership roles throughout her career, most recently that of Director Category Mgmt & Merchandising for the HMR Dept, Western Region, at the countries 2nd largest supermarket chain.

    Debra is a strategically focused visionary, is customer centric in her approach, and brings with her a problem-solving mindset, getting things done thoroughly and with a sense of urgency. Her retail experience and insight into the challenges of the retail business are a valued asset to Kitchen Partners and customers alike. Having been recently on the other side of the business, Debra will be focusing on working with customers on tools that will support First to Market and Program Execution challenges! Debra is a true ‘Foodie’ and her passion, enthusiasm, and creativity will bring tremendous value to your team and ultimately your guests!

    Debra resides in Edmonton and is the proud mom of three young adult sons. She enjoys spending time with family and her Chocolate Lab pups. She likes to stay fit and is an Orange Theory regular, loves to golf, ski, and spend time in the beautiful outdoors! She loves a good travel adventure, as well as discovering interesting experiences in food and wine and the stories behind them!

    You can reach Debra via email or call her at 780-702-0887

    Meet Tom.

    Tom Kanaridis began at Kitchen Partners in February of 2020. He resides in Toronto and is responsible for Key Accounts in Central Canada. He has over 15 years of food service experience, where he has grown relationships with most of Canada’s largest multi-unit foodservice chains. He has strong food processing background and knowledge and he is always learning to better service his customers.

    Tom brings his passion for food and servicing customers to the Kitchen Partners’ team. His experience growing business relationships from the ground up is a strong asset that will help Kitchen Partners continue to grow and service customers throughout Canada. His solution-based mindset has set him apart and gained trust with his customers over the years. Tom aims to please and is always looking for ways to improve and to better service his customers.

    Tom resides in Toronto with his wife Nicky and son Tommy jr. He spends most of his free time coaching Tommy’s hockey and soccer teams. When he is not coaching or playing pick-up hockey, he loves tackling home improvement projects. Just like Kitchen Partners’ values, family is important and he enjoys spending Sunday evening dinners with extended family.

    You can reach Tom via email or call him at 647-228-3589